Friends Try On The Line
A Portrait Series

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CHANCE believes in line, in color, in form, in consideration, in liberation, in detail, in simplicity, in possibility, in independence, and in the necessity of adventure.

Eleonore Hendricks, Actress
Melia Marden, Chef
Alya Kazakevich, Shoemaker & Katya Kazakevich, Student
Brooke Williams, Photographer/Writer
Gillian Schwartz, Creative Raconteur
Linda Rodin, Creator, Rodin Olio Lusso
Elliott Puckette, Artist
Luise Stauss, Photo Editor & Christine Muhlke, Editor/Writer
Ambre Kelly, Artist/Secret Librarian
Heidi Julavits, Writer
Alex Auder, Yoga Intructor
April Lee, Entrepreneur
Isabel Asha Penzlien, Photographer
Annabelle Kirk, Student
Allison Van Dyck, Dancer


Photographer : Susanna Howe
Stylist : Lawren Howell

Additional photo series